Estonian Leader Union

The purpose of LEADER Union is to connect Estonian LEADER Union action groups and to protect action group interests and also to support their knowledge-based development.

Our vision:

Estonian LEADER Union is aggregative union to Estonian action groups, which represents international development organizations who act as a unifies of communities, supporters of regional policy and keepers of rural areas.

Our mission:

Estonian LEADER Union is social partner in the legislative process, competent in developing members and guardian of LEADER principles in rural areas development.

To achieve our purpose Estonian LEADER Union:

  • represents and protects members common interests in national institutions, societal and international organizations;
  • takes part in national and international discussions of rural areas;
  • represents members interests as a social partner in lawmaking of LEADER activities;
  • supports members cooperation and creates different cooperation networks;
  • organizes, decreases and conducts training activities;
  • organizes development of operating procedures which are needed for work
  • arranges legal aid and advises on legal issues;
  • organizes mutual procurements
  • takes part in different projects and cooperation networks which support international, national, regional or local levels.   


Eesti Leader Liit                    Pärnu mnt 10, Abja-Paluoja, Viljandimaa              Tel: 555 373 60      

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